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“Little Corner” DIY Mini Doll House By China Toy Factory

Our “Little Corner” DIY play house is a STEM toy, intended to enhance children’s manipulative ability and to cultivate their sense of creation and exploitation during playtime.

The “Little Corner” collection of DIY doll house kits is a new line of best selling toys for sale brought to you by China Toy Factory, a leading toy maker from China supplying new and best selling toys since 1980.

Collectible & Connectible!

“Little Corner” doll playhouse is one of the most popular toys for girls, with adorable dolls and DIY play house kits. 

Our DIY doll house collection comes in 8 corners (models). Each play house is presenting a room of the dream house. The different doll house models can be connected to each other to build up a complete dream house.

What Is “Little Corner” DIY Doll Play House?

Our Little Corner DIY play house with mini doll included, is a collectible DIY doll house with 8 different room styles.  Every girl has dreamed of a house of her own. Why don’t you build up a dream house for your beloved doll?

Piano Room

Adorable little doll furniture is included with each kit.

Our “Little Corner” DIY Mini Doll House Presents A Fantastic Business Opportunity.

Money Making Doll House: Our new DIY play houses are small and light. They are easy to ship and easy to sell at big profits.

Buy Our “Little Corner” DIY Mini Doll Play House Directly from China and pay Low Wholesale Prices!

Buying China direct has never been cheaper, easier or faster!

Here is your chance to make money with the popular best selling DIY Doll House. Our DIY Play House Kits are adorable, come with a variety of fashion dolls as well as an assortment of play rooms.

Our DIY “Little Corner” Doll Houses With Surprise Dolls Are Suitable For:

Online retail,  Toy stores,  Super markets and shopping malls,  Premium for promotional campaign or toys for happy meals,  Small gadget gift shops,  Magazine free gift, Collectibles for fans, and…specialty doll shops.

Browse Our Dolls Assortment

An adorable doll is included in each set! Featured with interchangeable hair styles and outfits.

Available with 8 designs. (Random assortment for the hair styles and outfits in the standard package.)

Don’t miss out on our new and hot fashion dolls!

Our DIY Doll House Is Easy To Assemble, Convenient For Storage!

Children can build and decorate the rooms as they like,  to make their very own house.

They will never get tired playing with the dolls and rooms to their own stories.

Don’t worry about the difficulty of building up a “Little Corner”. Every part of accessories are just perfectly fit for easy assemblage. You can remove the parts by hand. No tools required! It takes only about 10 minutes to build up a room. It’s so fun and easy!!

It’s quite convenient for storage, too. A big dream house can be disassembled to store in a small box!

Our Brands

Our DIY mini doll house and fashion dolls are manufactured and shipped under our brands;  China Toy Factory, Nana & Friends, Little Corner, Doll Club and Infant Dolls.

Adorable DIY Doll House Sets – Collect Them All!

Our DIY doll house kit with popular fashion dolls are produced under the strict safety standard of CE for Europe and CPSIA for the US. They are made of non-toxic materials and are tested according to the international standards. The DIY Play House collection with surprise fashion dolls are safe for children 3 years and up, and friendly to the environment.

OEM & ODM Service

China Toy Factory, as a BSCI certified professional toys manufacturer devoted in the toys business for over 40 years, could always fulfill the buyer’s demand for development projects. We make customized dolls as per customers’ designs. We can even design and make exclusive dolls for our customers. You don’t need to do too much, just tell us what you want, we will do the rest!

Can I buy just one unit?2019-04-16T05:11:20+00:00

Sorry, No. We are selling wholesale only.

What is the MOQ?2019-05-02T04:51:10+00:00

Our minimum order quantity is 5000 dolls per style.

Can I get a free sample?2019-04-16T05:12:53+00:00

Sorry, No. If you are a qualified wholesale buyer and really need a sample before you place an order, we can offer a sample, but sample charge with courier costs will be applied.

What is the price for wholesale?2019-04-16T05:13:36+00:00

Low wholesale prices are flexible, and depend on the order quantity.The larger the qty is, the lower the price will be.

How can I make sure the price is the lowest?2019-04-16T05:15:01+00:00

You get what you pay for. Low price sometimes means low quality. We don’t guarantee the lowest price, but we do guarantee our product will give you an edge over your competitors.

Is the quality good?2019-04-16T05:15:36+00:00

Yes. Quality is our soul. Our products adopt CE & CPSIA safety standard and AQL II quality standard. Every single carton of dolls is tested and inspected before we ship.

What are payment terms?2019-04-16T05:16:34+00:00

Full payment shall be made once the order is confirmed. For full container load orders, we accept 50% deposit and 50% before shipment.

How do I pay?2019-04-16T05:17:04+00:00

We accept payment by PayPal, Western Union, Cash, L/C and T/T.

Is my money safe?2019-04-16T05:17:32+00:00

Yes, it is. But you need to be careful. For your protection, only the payment accounts with our proper stamp & signature on the PI / Contract are valid. Please DO NOT pay to any account which is not officially approved.

What is the delivery lead time?2019-04-16T05:18:07+00:00

The lead time is not fixed. It can only be calculated after we know which model exactly you are buying, and how many. The earlier you place the order, the sooner you will get the goods.

Where are the goods shipped from?2019-04-16T05:18:48+00:00

Most of the small shipments are sent by courier, by air or by post directly from our factory in China. But larger shipments will be sent via ocean freight from the port in Shantou or Shenzhen.

I am new in the business, can you help?2019-04-16T05:19:25+00:00

Yes. We have 40 years of experience in the import/export business. We can guide you every step of the way.

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