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Micro Robotic Creatures

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The new Micro Robotic Creatures, come in two designs - cockroach and cricket are the latest toys a kid must have. These mini insects crawl their way around with special toothbrush mechanical chassis.

The Micro-Robotic Creature that behaves like a real bug!


The newest auto-run mini insect toys in the China Toy Factory's collection!
  •  Looks like real - as real as it may freak you out.

  • Auto Run - simply switch on, enjoy the busy bug crawling

  • Auto turning Direction - reverse, turns in front of obstacles automatically

  • Running Direction Adjustable - gives you better control of the car racing route

  • 2 different models collectible - Cockroach & Cricket

  • Battery included

Mini Auto Run Vehicles

Micro-Robotic Auto-Run Cockroach

Most bugs will crawl over anything, most annoyingly, you and the sight of them is enough to make you cringe. But that is not so with the Micro Robotic Bug. The sight of this little creature scooting along will fill you with waves of excitement as he astounds you with the truly intelligent way he makes his way around.

Sensitive to touch, Micro Robotic Bug can easily traverse whatever terrain he encounters. If he comes upon an obstacle, he will search around for an easier way to proceed. And, should you wish to guide him in his journey, simply swich the direction trimmer on the tail and he will change course!

Take him to work and let him explore the topography of your desk or turn him loose at home and let him freak out your pets! Of course, with his timid nature, Micro Robotic Bug will just search for a way around when he bumps into them.

micro robotic bugs

Micro-Robotic Auto-Run Cricket

Are you out of ideas for a novelty toy to promote? A remote controlled car or plane? Sounds boring? How about a micro robotic bugs that moves around by itself without any controls? It will automatically avoid obstacles. And you can even adjust its driving route simply by switching the direction trimmer on the tail.

If you think that this high tech toy creature is going to burn a hole in your pocket, not really, it is not going to cost more than a quarter of what you are going to spend in one r/c car of the same size.

The mini toothbrush auto run insect will change all those preconceived notions of yours in regards to micro-robotic toys as only boring nonobjective shapes with nothing to offer. On the contrary, the Micro Robotic Insects are designed with vivid appearance. The interchangeable chassis leaves the possibility wide open for putting any innovation idea into this structure.

Good choice of give-away gifts for promotonal campaigns:

This Micro Robotic Bug provides something new, interesting and different from typical toys and will give your distributors a fun and exciting product to offer. The most attractive is it's high play value and CHEAP cost. Hush~ be quiet about this because this toy certainly does not look that cheap. As long as no one says so the consumers might think that this is a costly gift.

Micro Robotic Creatures are manufactured and supplied by China Toy Factory. Join us to become one of the distributors or retailers to bring in these toys to your location.

Information for the Buyers:
  • KD Code: KD2330 (Cockroach) / KD2331 (Cricket)

  • Item No.: 1156-1/2

  • Description: Micro Robotic Auto-Run Insects

  • Assortment: 2 models available

  • Packing: PVC Clamshell

  • Size of Product: 5*3.5*2cm

  • Size of Packing: 15*10.5*3cm

  • Qty/Ctn: 288pcs

  • Inner Box: 6

  • Carton Measurment: 41*34*56cm / 0.078cbm

  • G.W./N.W.: 8 / 6 kgs

Clamshell packing of micro-robotic car

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