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Christmas Toys

New and Hot Toy Collection for Christmas!

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How time flies! The 2010 Christmas Season is approaching! Yes, for all toy dealers, big or small, it's a good time to increase the sale and make good money!

Children all over the world look forward to gift giving and receiving during the holiday season. The most popular holiday for this, of course, is Christmas; little ones will stay up as late as possible, and wait by the Christmas tree in hopes of getting a glimpse of the infamous St. Nick and his sack full of Christmas toys. Generation after generation have reveled in this wondrous Christmas tradition, and though the holiday has failed to change dramatically, the Christmas toys list that accompany it have.

Christmas Is Coming Fast! Christmas will be here before we know it. And if we want to make good business for the Christmas sale, we have to be aware of what is popular. The Christmas toys kids want this year may differ greatly from the year before, so we have to be on top of things.

A few short decades ago boys and girls wanted wagons, rag dolls, and trains. But with each new generation, and with the increase of smarter and more technologically advanced play things, Christmas toys are taking on new forms. The toys that have been developed to entertain the newest generation of fans are much more advanced than those of the former.

China Toy Factory is presenting a special collection of Christmas toys. All these toys are new, hot, good quality and guaranteed to make money! They are the best choice for your Christmas sale!


The Mini R/C Helicopter is absolutely one of the best choices!

Micro RC Helicopter

MAVS! - The World's Smallest 3.5CH Gyro Alloy RC Helicopter


RC Cars have been in the market for more than a decade and are still the boys' favorite toys. The Cool Mini RC Wall Climbing Car will bring great joy to the Children!

Mini Wall Climbing Car

This Amazing Wall Climbing Car Can Climb Straight Up The Walls In Your Hourse!


Society is ever-changing, as are the toys our children play with. Baby Doll, as a traditional Christmas Gift for small girls all around the world, is all time popular. Try this New Mini Expression Doll!

Mini Expression Dolls

Mini Baby Expression Dolls With Changeable Clothes


If you want to try something new, this New Mini Whack-It Hamster Fighting Game is guaranteed to be hot-selling!

Mini Whack It Game

Mini Whack It Keychain Game


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