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V-22 Osprey Helicopter

V-22 Osprey Helicopter

V-22 Osprey Helicopter

General Characteristics:

Spread: Folded:
Length: 57 ft 4 inches 62 ft 7 inches
Width: 84 ft 7 inches 18 ft 5 inches
Height: 22 ft 7 inches 18 ft 1 inch

Wingspan: 50.92 ft
Weight: 55,000 lbs (VTOL/STOL), 60,500 lbs (Self Deploy STO)
Power: 2 x Allison T406-AD-400 6,150 shp
Rotor: 38 Feet wide, Graphite/Fiberglass construction
Speed: 275 knots
Climb: 2,320 feet per minute max
Crew: 2
Passenger Capacity: 24 Fully-Equipped troops or 12 litters
Ceiling: 26,000 ft max, 11,300 ft (one engine)
Range: 515 Nautical Miles
Take-Off Weight: 60,500 lbs max
Empty Weight: 33,140 lbs
Cargo Hook: 15,000 lbs max
Length: 57.33 ft
Width: 83.33 ft (rotors turning)
Sponson Fuel Cap.: 1,228 Gals
Wing Fuel Cap.: 787 Gals

Miscellaneous Other Features

Operates as a helicopter for VTOL, operates as a TurboProp a/c
Nacelles rotate 90 degrees forward (Full Vertical to Full Horizontal)
Transmission interconnect shaft in case of engine failure
Folds for shipboard storage
70% composite construction
Crashworthy troop/crew seats
2 x 10,000 lb external cargo hooks for heavy external loads
Rescue Hoist
Internal cargo winch and pulley system for internal loads
Aft Loading Ramp
Capable of Day/Night NOE flying
Capable of in-flight refueling

The US armed services plan on using this aircraft in a myriad of different environments. To be specific:

Designation: MV-22 Purpose: Amphibious assault transport of troops, equipment, and supplies from assault ships and land bases.

Designation: HV-22
Purpose: Strike Rescue, delivery and retrieval of special warfare teams, and logistics transportation in support of the fleet.

Air Force
Designation: CV-22
Purpose: Long Range special operations missions, insertion and extraction of special forces teams and equipment at mission radii in excess of 500 nm.

Designation: MV-22
Purpose: Aeromedical evacuation, special operations, long range combat logistics support, combat air assault and low intensity conflict support.


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