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RC Helicopter - Remote Control Helicopter - Radio Controlled Helicopter - Radio Control Helicopters

From all the different RC Toy categories, RC Helicopters generate the most money!

For one thing, Remote Controlled Helicopters and Radio Controlled Helicopters are more expensive than other kinds of toys, and therefore offer higher profits.  However, the main reason RC Helicopters generate high profits is because RC Helicopters that fly in the air are a lot more exciting than other RC Toys that offer all the action on the ground. Today's kids want to see the action in the air.


358-47 mini rc helicopter S107 Syma Helicopter 967 Osprey Tilt-T RC Helicopter rc paracopter 957-1 Mini Metal RC Helicopter 3.5CH Metal RC Helicopter
4CH Metal Mini RC Helicopter Syma S107 Mini Gyro Helicopter Ospray RC Helicopter 3-Channel RC Paracopter Mini Metal RC Helicopter 3.5CH Metal Helicopter
rc paracopter sky 3.5CH Metal RC Helicopter Gyro 957-1 Metal Mini RC Helicopter With Gyro RC Flying Car HM0920 Syma S006 Syma S107
Paraglider Radio Control Helicopter 3.5CH Gyro Metal RC Helicopter  3.5CH Gyro Metal Mini RC Helicopter  Micro RC Helicopter Car Syma S006 Alloy Shark 3CH Heli Syma S107 Alloy Micro RC Heli
Syma S031 Syma S012 Syma S013 Syma S022 Syma S026 Syma S032
Syma S031 Gyro RC Helicopter Outdoor Syma S012 Apache Mini RC Helicopter Syma S013 Mini Black Hawk Syma S022 Big Chinook Helicopter Syma S026 Micro Chinook CH-47 Syma S032 Fiery Dragon Helicopter