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Turbo Twister Stunt Car - Mini RC Stunt Car - RC Mini Turbo Twister

R/C Remote Control Mini Turbo Twister Stunt Cars

Mini RC Stunt Car

China Toy Factory offers a wide variety of Mini RC Stunt Cars. Although all RC Stunt Cars are very exciting by definition, the Twister Stunt Cars and the Lunar Stunt Vehicle are particularly exciting because of their front axle stunt action.


Long Lasting Battery Charge...

The Turbo Twister RC Stunt Car charges in less than 1 minute and holds that charge for 3 minutes. You'll be amazed by the super wheelies and the blazing speed of this RC Twister Stunt Car!

RC Mini Turbo Twister Charge

  • Front Axle Spinning Action
  • Super Wheelies
  • Blazing Speed
  • Lights up as it moves
  • Incredible Flips
  • 360 Degrees Spins
  • Fully Functional Remote Control
  • Up to 30 Minute Action on Recharge
  • Fun for All Ages!

Mini RC Turbo Twister 4 Colors

Twister Stunt Cars are rapidly produced and shipped promptly.

Mini RC Stunt Car 357 Packing

Twister Stunt Cars come in frequencies 27mhz or 49mhz and 4 different colors.
The mhz assortment is optional. If you order multiple cars, we will send you a
variety of different frequencies and colors so you will be able to race them together in pairs.


 Mini RC Turbo Twister Stunt Car

Twister Stunt Cars flip, roll, twist, turn, and spin your Twister Stunt Car, all with one wireless remote. This Twister Stunt Car can do countless tricks and stunts - it even lights up as it zooms around! Kids of all ages will love this Turbo Twister Stunt Car!


GoldRosita 357 Twister Stunt Car Mini Micro

GoldRosita Mini RC Turbo Twister Red

Shen Qi Wei Mini R/C Turbo Twister Stunt Car

Mini RC Turbo Twister SQW

Lunar Stunt Cars - RC Remote Control Stunt Vehicle

RC Mini Stunt Car Turbo Twister LX



The New Mini RC Stunt Car is also available now!
Mini RC Wall Climbing Stunt Car!!


RC Mini Wall Climbing Car

The Mini Turbo Twisters are classic Mini RC Stunt Cars and have been around for a while as best selling toys. And now we have a new RC Mini Stunt Car called Zero Gravity RC Mini Wall Climbing Car. This New Stunt Car can climb up walls and run on ceilings.