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Anti Gravity RC Toys - Mini RC Wall Climbing Toy
R/C Wall Climber Beetle -  Zero Gravity RC Car

GoldRosita 866-2 Infrared Remote Control Mini Wall / Ceiling Climbing Lady Bug

Give your family and friends a fright when they see this lady beetle scurry across the walls and even ceilings! The ultra lightweight insect body coupled with a powerful suction fan, lets you zip along walls and ceilings at full speed - enough to challenge the real thing! Sure to sell quickly, this zero gravity remote controlled lady beetle makes a great gift for family and friends of all ages. Features Zero gravity RC wall climbing insect Infrared remote control Vertical/upside down walk Mini, compact size for best action play Drives on your floor, ceiling and walls Full Function: Forward, reverse, left/right turn, spin Flashing LED lights.

Mini RC Wall Climbing Beetle 866-2

This great new wall climbing RC Toy gadget certainly kicks it up a notch! Its insect characteristics along with being able to drive it on walls and ceilings makes this anti gravity RC toy the perfect Halloween and novelty gift for anyone.

Wall Climbing RC Toy - Ladybug

The wall climbing Beetle / Lady Bug RC toy runs off a rechargeable internal battery that can be charge via the IR remote controller (or via your computer / laptop with the USB cable). The IR remote control runs off 6 AA batteries (Not Included), along with two joy stick controls for versatile manoeuvrability that gives the Beetle / Lady Bug RC Toy the naturalistic manoeuvring features that makes it special.

To consume battery power, the wall climbing RC toy comes with two mode functions. Turn the switch right to the (W) sign, and the suction that enables the Beetle / Lady Bug RC Toy to stick to walls and ceilings will be activated. Alternatively, you can turn the switch left and use this function when only operating the RC toy on the floor.

Product Overview
  •  Anti Gravity RC toy

  • Two Mode Functions

  • Wall Climbing RC toy

  • Works on ceilings as well

  • Designed to bring tons of Joy to both children and adults

  • Primary Function: Wall Climbing RC Toy - Beetle / Lady Bug

  • Color: Black

  • Material: Hard Molded ABS

  • Driving Time: 3-5 minutes continuous driving on a wall

  • Control Range: 15 meters

  • Power: Built-in rechargeable lipo battery, 3.7V, 130mAH

  • ON/OFF Switch: Yes

866-2 Controller866-2 Ladybug

  • Remote:
    - Control Channels: 3 - A, B, C
    - Driving Controls: Forward/backward, left/right (including spin in place)
    - Power: 6x AA battery (not included)
    - ON/OFF Switch: Yes

  • Power Source:
    - Wall Climbing Beetle: Built-in rechargeable battery
    - RC Remoter Control: 6 x 1.5v batteries (Not Included)

  • Recharge Options:
    - Recharge the Anti Gravity Beetle from the controller
    - Recharge the Anit Gravity Beetle through your computer or laptop with the USB Cable

  • Dimensions:
    Wall Climbing Beetle RC Toy: L: 140 x W:150 x H:40(mm)
    Remote Controller: L: 120 x W:130x D: 50 (mm)

866-2 Beetle Controller Charge866-2 USB Charge

Product Notes
  • Makes a great gift

  • the RC Beetle is charged via the remote controller

  • Fully recharge the battery before first use

  • Works best on hard, flat, clean, uninterrupted walls and ceilings

  • Suction fan lets you speed along walls and ceilings quickly without leaving any marks

  • Three bands of operation - you drive on channel A while your friends drive on channels B or C

  • Note: Alternative product name for eBay reseller. Anti Gravity RC Toy, Anti Gravity Beetle RC Toy

Package Contents
  • Wall Climbing Beetle RC Toy

  • IR Remote Controller

  • User manual - English

866-2 Wall Climbing Beetle Box

Packing Information
  • Item No.: 866-2

  • Packing: Window Box

  • Size of Packing: 32*6.5*18cm

  • Qty/Ctn: 48 PCS

  • Inner Boxes: 2

  • Meas.: 67*57*57cm

  • G.W. / N.W.: 19.5 / 17.5 kgs


FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

* How can this Wall Climbing RC Toy possibly drive on walls and ceilings?
Fabric skirts and a powerful fan create suction that lets the RC Beetle drive along walls and ceilings.

* Will this RC Spider work on the walls of my home / office / dorm?
This Wall Climbing RC Beetle Toy works best on flat, clean, uninterrupted surfaces.

866-2 beetle on the floor866-2 Beetle on ceiling 


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