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Based in Chenghai, we are the China leading Toy Manufacturer offering the newest and hottest Drone Toys, UAV, RC Quadcopters, RC Helicopters, Mini Helicopters, Remote Control Helicopters, Radio Control Helicopters, RC Cars, RC Airplanes, RC Toys, Baby Dolls and many other Children Toys.

China Toy Factory Since 1980

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Chenghai City, located in South of China, as known as TOY CITY, and many people refer to Chenghai by simply saying TOY CITY, has become the biggest manufacturing base of Toys worldwide! There are more than 5,000 Toy Factories in this city, supplying all kinds of toys to all around the world.  

China Toy Factory, established since 1980, has been devoted to connecting the 5,000 Chenghai Toy Factories with the global toy buyers, importers, wholesalers and distributors.

Our association is run by the new generation. We were educated in the west, speak fluent English, and offer a western style level of service: fast reply to emails, on time shipments, with a very special emphasis on quality! We will not send you the goods unless we have tested every single toy! If you buy from us, you can relax. . . !

Seeing we are surrounded by more than 5,000 Chenghai toy factories, we no longer need to manufacture all our toys ourselves, as we did in the good old days. Many of the toys you will find on our site or in our HUGE showroom, are manufactured by our neighbors, China Chenghai toy factories!


To Buy from China Toy Factory is to buy from Chenghai toy manufacturers directly and save money!

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