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Most little girls love to play with baby dolls. All of us remember having and playing with baby dolls when we were kids. Baby dolls are soft, cuddly, and adorable. Some baby dolls make sounds, some baby dolls drink from bottles, and some baby dolls burp and even go to the bathroom. Nowadays, there are some really life-like baby dolls available. Here is a wonderful selection of the best Baby Dolls for all little girls in the world. All of them are supplied from top grade manufacturers directly. Low factory prices and high quality are guaranteed.

Mini Newborn Baby Expression Dolls

Naked Dolls 5 in 1

Who can resist a cute baby doll? Especially when the dolls are emotional and have different facial expressions! These expression baby dolls come five in one set. Each baby doll is unique, with varying facial expression. They are so amazingly lifelike, you won't believe your eyes. Each facial expresssion truly captures the innocence of a baby.



Baby Expression Dolls With Changeable Clothes

Expression Dolls With Outfits

These collector's edition baby dolls are for those looking for perfection. Each newborn expression doll represents the tender first expressions of a real baby as they begin to explore and take in the new world around them. The baby dolls are miniature at size, have movable hands and legs, with different facial expressions and kids can change their clothes. For this upgrade version, the baby doll comes with different accouterments. Their soft knitted outfits make these dolls a special addition to any collection.



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